Can you tell me what happened to baby elephant... :) :)

converting imaginations into colors..step by step.....

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The most religious festival in Sri Lanka.This day is important to Buddhists all over the world to commemorate the events in Buddha's life namely his birth, enlightenment and passing away.

so....effort on making colorful art which describes those three important events of lord Buddha's life is finally completed...

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Creative mind makes great arts......................................

It is really interesting to spend your leisure time with colors and designs and finally you will end up with attractive creations. It may make your mind free and calm. You need a high intention and temper to make fine arts. I used to spend my leisure time trying to express my imaginations using a medium beyond paper based.Finally I could make those creations.............

In Every Culture they have their own traditional designs, music, theaters, films, poetry, etc. I studied the Sinhala traditional designs and the sources of my designs are them. These designs can be applied to the web templates and I like to apply the Sinhala traditional sign in to the World Wide Web.

Basically, the tools I used to crate followings are Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. If you’re familiar with using pen tool it is easy to make any design in your mind.

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Step 01
First select the required image size for your creation and click ok.

Step 02
Then select the Pen tool from the tool box.

Step 03
Now, click anywhere on the blank stage and click on another location of the stage to create another anchor point.But do not release the mouse. Hold the mouse and drag it in any direction to create a curve.

Step 04

You can set the slope of the curve by dragging it here and there and continue clicking on more points to make the drawing.

Step 05

After you have finished creating the basic shapes you need to draw,you can use the "Path eraser tool" for erasing the unwanted lines.First,select the line you want to erase and drag the Path eraser tool along that path.

Step 06

Finally,you can get a vector image of your design.Drag the mouse in a square selecting all the lines of your design and right click on the selection and click group.So,you can group your design and you can re size your design without losings the quality as they are vector images...

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